Sunday, 9 February 2014

Jewels Crush Saga

This is a TOTAL saga.  The procrastination saga.  So many things to do, so little time, so many addictively coloured shapes moving around  on the screen blooping and bleeping when you get more than three in a row, which causes them to explode in a glittery shmlittery shower of broken JOOOOOLLLZZ.   

Jewels keeps me from bed, and I HATE going to bed.  There doesn’t ever seem to be quite enough time in a day.  After a certain time at night if I don’t order myself into the covers I end up doing lots of things that make no sense and are just a waste of time just to prolong the process of having to start the process of bedtime.

I caught myself the other night standing in the middle of the room in a half sleep state running my fingers through my hair to make it go in the opposite direction it should go, creating that weird pain sensation.

That was bed avoidance.

After that I proceeded to go to my computer and have another game of Jewels.

 That's the kind of conversation thats happening in my head 90 percent of the time.  Not sure what's happening during the other 10 percent.

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