Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Thom the Tink

In my normal every day,-day-to-day style of dress, I so often feel like a tink*.   In my 9-5 job I don’t consider myself as actually having to present myself to the world, so I dress in my “Sunday-clothes-for-bumming-around-the-house-when-you‘re-sure-noone-will-see-you” outfit.

One day recently in my 9-5 attire, I had an unfortunate meeting with an arse ugly dog who, as I came upon it, remarkably seemed to be looking at me with an air of disgust.  Sitting there, with its fat, wrinkly gut spilling over the pavement and a face that could make shit melt.  The cheek of it.

And I’m sure it wasn’t thinking very much at that moment, but my God, the look in its bulging fly eyes said, “Bitch, you ain’t nuthin but a scruffy ho”

I walked away with an unintentional feeling of bewilderment, genuinely questioning what was that about.

I didn't think I was that insecure.  Although I did once apologise to a pigeon for not being able to get out of his way.  You know, I went one way, he went the same way, I went to the left, he went to the left I went to the right, he went to the right…It was all very awkward.

The animal world is so odd.

(*bum, hobo, vagrant)

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