Thursday, 29 October 2015

Belfast Film and Comic Con!!

So, the Thom show is near to hitting the road.  VERY excited but also feeling slightly wobbly knee-ed.  (Ok, so thats totally not a word.  And I only say that because I was sure it was and had to Google it up.  But it's totally not a word.)

Well, really looking forward to seeing the mad mix of sorts there's bound to be there in both art and creativity! 

And incase you're looking for something to do this weekend and you want to avoid the boring stuff you've been putting off but vowed to yourself you'd DEFINITELY do it this weekend...Don't bother and come to this!...

Make sure you make time for having a little bit if fun today.  Like, if you're having a cup of tea, have a REALLY good biscuit with it. 
(That's genuinely something I get quite excited about)

Bye now.