Hulo.  I am Thom.

For a time, when I was younger, I grew obsessive about werewolves.  I would lumber up the stairs on all fours like a slightly retarded dog.  

Unfortunately for my neighbours children I was their friend.  I crossed "werewolf fantasies" with reality one day while at play on their garden swing and proceeded to reenact what I believed to be a convincing werewolf transformation until they ran from my writhing twisted body screaming.

Actual visual reconstruction:

The next day I was taken aside by their not impressed by werewolf make believe mother and told that this whole werewolf charade was to stop because I had given her daughters nightmares.

The werewolf charade carried on over the next few days.

As my friends were younger than I, I felt it appropriate to teach some kind of lesson that involved... werewolves.


Thats all you need to know about me.

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