Saturday, 30 January 2016

Happy New Year

Well that's the New Year then, innit? 

I don't have any stories really.  Well, it'd be stuff like, "the night I was disappointed to have finished off my box of Tunnocks tea cakes," or "the day that went in dead quick.  Like one minute it's half 7 in the morning, then it's 11, then  it's 4, then half 6, then  8, then shit-I'm going-to-miss-the-bus, then f*!k it, I'll walk, then 9, then tea-time, then 11-thirty-shree, then off to beddybumbose.  Went in dead quick that day did, but no one wants to hear about that.

But plans for the Thoms for this year:

Online shop is a biggie,  2 comic cons, writing up some Thom based character animation TV series proposals, doing some Thom toons  and an annual of Shite Me Up.  I have some ideas for books of Thoms but I'm feeling an annual of Shite Me Up has to come first.

So for the now, no stories just some pictures of things that I have drawn over my lunchtimes at work.  It's kind of surprising/startling/unnerving at how little I remember of actually doing some of this shit after I go back and look at it the next day.  

It's nice not to think sometimes...