Friday, 25 December 2015


You know at the end of your Advent calendar you would get a big chocolate Jesus in a shed or something?   Well here’s my chocolate Jesus.  Advent of Thom, 2015, is DONE.  (Which I will eventually post up.  You can check that oot here... 

Although I’ve missed those past few days there because it’s all Christmas n’ that and also just too relieved to have survived a flight that has got me the closest to true panic I’ve ever felt before. 

Talking about chocolate Jesuses, the word “Jesus” has never come from my mouth so regularly before.  Suffice to say, if it’s windy like that again, I ain’t goin on no mutha fuppin plane.

Right a few points to make…

1)  I’m not trying to be “funny”.  I genuinely spelt “Christmas” wrong.  I couldn’t quite believe it so I left it in there.

2)     I really need to learn how to do things.  Like export quality videos, record the sound better and edit stuff.  But I’m having a mince pie and a cup of tea and it’s really not that important at the minute. 

Maybe I’ll do a Christmas single next year and see if I can get to Number one.

I've no idea what will work for who so here it is on You Tube too. Vimeos slightly better quality, but just who knows how this old world works...