Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thom's Drunken Letter

So one night recently Heid said to me, "last night when we came home you asked for a pen and a piece of paper and you did this..."
I had no recollection of this because I had been steamin. The night before, Heid had to drag me home because I had got over excited at the possibility of dance and party and had drank most things I could see. And if I'm excited half a glass of Lambrini could send me over the edge. This night I was basing my drink of choice on what colours it was. They were all potent.
So when Heid presented me with a drawing of something I had supposedly done and couldn't remember, it was sweaty palms time. It's really weird having experiences that you completely have no recollection off. Like, ANYTHING could be on there and if you're drunk you tend to be a bit more floppy and wild thinking. I thought, Jesus what if it's some weird, sexy, perverse thing that even I didn't know I had been thinking about. You just don't know.
Well, thank God, in times of my inner subconscious, it seems there's nothing much there apart from perhaps some child like thoughts that describe very few needs. In this case, "EAT TOAST" and "I NEED A JOBBIE".
Heid did get me some toast and tea that night so I must have at least verbalised it. Suppose he had the note there to keep him straight. I conked out soon after that.
The only thing worrying from the whole experience was as he said, "that you were going to shit the bed".

THE LAKES! International Comic Art Festival

Been a very busy Thom recently. Just come back from whoring my wares at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival . 

It twas EXCELLENT and you must check out this fabulous event for 2017