Saturday, 25 January 2014

Humpback Thom

I often catch sight of myself in a shop window and sigh in despair of the humpback that’s growing there.  It’s my “stoop”.  It's very difficult to keep an upright posture and I’m increasingly growing the stance of a turtle.

If I don’t try and “straighten up”, sort myself out, my future is increasingly looking like this:

That’s from years of schoolage and humpbacking, haunched shoulders, drawing and doing homework on the floor rather than use a table and a chair like a civilised Thom.



Saturday, 18 January 2014

It's a Casualty

Why can't I just go to bed?  I am so tired but I keep finding things to do.

If I stay up too late I begin to find certain television theme tunes hypnotic and I catch myself gently rocking back and forth to the rhythmic beats.  This happened most recently at about three in the morning when the extended title sequence of the BBC One news came on.  

I-was- OFF.
A younger Thom favourite was Casualty.  That was a WINN-ERR.  You can keep your Strauss, Beastie Boys, Kadga-goo-goo, “too shy-shy-hush-hush-eye-to-eye” and MAD disco beats…

…I got de CASUALTY.

The stance for this was to sit 3 feet from the telly, preferably facing it although that wasn’t necessary for the music appreciation, scrunched into a ball shape, knees to chin, arms clenched round legs (this allows for a greater rocking motion), then strike up the BBC one, Casualty on, SORTED

I would rock back and forth with my eyes shut and my head slightly rocking from side to side, kind of like you would if you were appreciating some jazz flute in the 70s.

You probably still don’t get it.  So HERE…

In the making of that short art house short, I found myself “rocked” back to childhood.   
That theme certainly hasn’t lost its magic.